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Batch Coders and There Different Types

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on Jul 21 in Batch Coder

Batch Coders

Batch coders are helpful to all pharmaceutical and packaging companies in order to accomplish various task such as; printing Batch No, Mfg. Date, Exp. Date., Retail Price and much more on the plain or plastic-coated & polished Labels, poly pack bags, pouches, tin Bottoms, Cotton Bags etc.

Different Types of Batch Coders

Table top batch coders

This coding machines is specially manufactured for all automatic and manual coding on various packing.
Table top batch coders are compact design which makes it easy to install even in smaller area. There is no requirement of air requirement as it has motorizedintermittent reciprocal contact coder which serves all the basic requirements. These Batch coding machine is very flexible as it can be installed anywhere according to the design of parental machine. This machine is operated with the help of foot-switch, proximity switch and inbuilt timer operation and it make use of quick drying liquid ink, dry within minutes to provide support for fast production lines.

Hand Operated Batch Coders

This category of Batch coders works on the principal of tradle machine which was conventionally used by all the printing machines. In this machine the content is to be composed type block with type letters where ink is applied on the aluminum roller. With each stroke of the machine composed type letters are linked by moving rubber roller.

Semi Automatic Batch Coders

Semi Automatic Batch Coders are operated electrically and a footswitch is provided to "on" or "off" the machine and it is really advantageous as both the hands of the person who is operating the machine are free which can be utilized in feeding and discharging of the bags.


Automatic Batch Coders

Automatic batch coding machines allow automatic feeding by slant magazines to a polished stainless steel feed wheel. In this process the label of the steel is picked up by the rubber and it is fed to a timing chain so as to carry the label successfully under the printing head.Printing head of this machine have a type block where individual types can be collected and rubber stereos can be fixed on a block of the half cylinder so as to reflect the impression. This machine is composed of oscillating distributor roller to spread ink thoroughly to the ink roll. All the beams of stainless steel materials tends to rotate in sintered bronze busing in which other important parts of the machine are also stainless steel material.

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